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During a massage therapy session, through the means of channeling, Gary Douglas has received the teachings about a session performed with the composition of 32 points, called the BARS. This is how Access Consciousness® started. It made him see that people could function in a different way, that he could help them in their change, that he could form a teaching about being open to possibilities; and with his awareness formed on this topic, he became the founder of Access Consciousness, which finds its place in today’s World of teachings on personal development and energy therapies.


The Bars is an energy session applied to 32 specific points on the head. It is a therapy which helps people function in a different way, become open to their own change and possibilities in their lives.

Those 32 points connected to our body, store the thoughts, the ideas, the beliefs and points of view we have created or received at any given time. The Bars points are handle with verbal processes and are based on knowledge that we define as source. Therefore, to have the bars function is a dynamic need.

The Bars are directly linked to your body. Once the Bars start functioning, they release the effects of thoughts, feelings and energies on our cells.

Scientifically speaking; The Bars is an applied body process intending a dynamic change, that cleans the electrical hardware of a specific aspect of your life that have been limited by your thoughts by touching the 32 points on the head.

To experience the miracle transformation come and take a Bars Therapy at Access Turkey !

As well as to get personal bars sessions you can also learn how to do it by taking classes and step into a new world with full awareness. The Bars classes are free for under 15 years old participants, for 16&17 years old is half price, 18 years and older is in regular price.

TO THE ATTENTION OF THOSE WHO ARE INTENDING TO TAKE A BARS SESSION OR CLASS The facilitator you have chosen for your Bars Session or Bars Class should be an authorized, licensed one, and hold an active facilitator certificate from Access Consciousness. You can check the validity of the certificate of the facilitator you have contacted on this page.


There are two scientific analyses conducted on the Bars therapy in the medical and scientific world that are worth mentioning. One of them is a study realized by a neurologist of 16 years of experience, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin; and the other one is a research conducted by Dr. Lisa Cooney, who is using the regulatory thermometer method.



To quote Dr. Jeffrey’s own words to describe his feelings: “I was blown away when I saw the results. I have seen brains of every kind and conditions; however, this is the first discovery of my life. For the first time, I have seen a brain do what I am about to tell you. And I am not easily blown away. I would like to separate the results of Bars into two different fields; or, if we want to, into 2 perspectives, we have a scientific and a psychological outcome in front of us.”

“Coherence/compatibility is the way the brain processes information. There are two levels of coherence: hypo and hyper. The phase and coherence / compatibility are allowing for a higher level of awareness. The relationship between phase and coherence is very important and I have conducted a scientific study acknowledging this. Whatever the method is, when there is complete heart and complete brain coherence / compatibility, people are starting to have this magical experience and have energy lining up. What I have seen in Bars is not only a complete, physical alignment, it is a complete alignment with the universe.”

“There is a part of the brain called the Thalamus that regulates all the frequencies. Thalamus is considered as a gate for all senses coming from every system except the sense of smell. It is also responsible of target-oriented conscious behavior. It acts in a way as a filter for all the incoming stimulus to the body. This is how you can concentrate. The biggest part of the thalamus is the region composed of the nervous connection between the lobes. All sensorial impulses go through the Thalamus before reaching the brain, this is where the sensorial stimulation happens.”

“It is an intermediate station for all sensorial stimulus, except the sense of smell. It has the function to reduce, increase or block the stimulus. While the less important stimulus is reduced at the filter, the more important ones are amplified.”

“This is how you get to concentrate; this is how it plays an important role in regulating the conscious behavior. Just above the Thalamus there is what we call the Thalamic Gate. At the Thalamic Gate there is a series of what we call the reticular cells. These reticular cells allow other cells to bind to them. So there is an axonal column cells that grow up out of the brain and it comes out right there, what we call the “Crown Chakra”. This is the antenna. When there is what we call oscillation, vibration from the field, it’s coming in through your crown chakra, going down to the Thalamic Gate into the brain. And all of the frequencies are distributed there and then it becomes resonation. The cells in your body are resonating with that energy.”

“So, when you have a thought where does it come from? It starts down in the subcortical region of your brain. It goes up through the Thalamic Gate, comes up to the Crown Chakra and goes out and interacts with the field. If you hold that energy and you are putting that energy out for 68 seconds, that is wave energy that’s coming out. Once you hold that amount of time- the visualization you just heard and you just did- you have that kind of visualization. If you hold it for 68 seconds it has now enough of mass energy in the brain to affect particle energy. That’s where the transition comes in.”

“The longer you hold these thoughts, the longer you work with them.”

“So what Bars does, is allowing to have a maximum level of energy and a maximum active performance of the brain. The result is absolutely amazing and I am sure that each and every one of you have the ability to harness this energy and start working with that within yourselves

Just like Neurologist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin says:

“The Bars, is not the magic of science. The science just helps you let you know what is happening and how it’s hapening to you as an individual.”



In the United States, thermometry is defined as a groundbreaking method in the field of diagnostics. In general terms, the results have shown to prove the detection of factors that can help diagnose a disease many years before the relevant diagnosis.

It was first used in Germany by naturopathy experts and dentists in the fields of conventional medicine and integrative medicine. Its high-tech has been supported by radiologists, neurobiologists, medical biology and infrared medical technology leaders in their respective fields.

WHAT IS THERMOMETRY? It is a functional test using heat-regulation to stimulate the autonomic nervous system’s response.
Thermometry shows the following: body toxicity, the capacity of the body to detoxify, the body’s immune system pressure, imbalances in the endocrine system, organs-system functions and the level of circulation of the body.

  • A graphical representation of everything going on inside the body.
  • It’s gentle and painless.
  • The method’s technology doesn’t require surgical intervention.
  • It provides a detailed patient report.

The response given by the autonomic nervous system to heat regulation, pinpoints any failure in the main organs, the glandular and lymphatic systems, the teeth, the immune system and the muscular and skeletal systems. Here is a sum of all the complaints seen in the group of people that had been selected: digestive problems, tearing in both eyes, joint pain, allergies, hemorrhoids, headaches, general body aches, digestive problems, lethargy, confusion, chronical pains, post cancer treatment complications and lymphatic system problems.

Here are the results we have obtained after performing Bars, advanced body therapies and energy therapies:

Additionally, with this thermometry measurement research we were able to observe, again, scientifically this time, the miraculous change created by the Bars and all the therapies showing on the measurements diagrams which included all the heat values of the entire body.

  • The rapid detox of the body for a healthy regulation
  • The recovery of the cellular functions of organs
  • The capacity of the body to stimulate physiological change
  • The decrease of pressure on the immune system and the recovery of the system’s function
  • An increased circulation in the entire body
  • The disappearance of psychosomatic trauma patterns
  • Tıkanıklık, iltihap, toksisite de azalma
  • Early warning symptoms of diseases and chronic problems
  • An increase of mental clarity, problem solving skills and motivation
  • An increase ability to manage depression and anxiety tendencies
  • A significant increase of joyfulness, happiness and energy
  • A shorter recovery period for post-surgical recovery and reduced pain levels
  • Eliminating behavioral patterns, addictions and physiological irregularities
  • Reducing internal and external conflicts
  • A decrease in stress levels and traumas caused by ailments
  • A more serene space
  • A deeper relaxation and uninterrupted sleep

It’s your choice to experience the Bars and see how it will change your life…